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This text brought to you by ZURTECH, a security camera system installation company - Los Angeles.

IP Camera is an advanced CCTV camera that utilizes Internet Protocol to transmit video data over the Ethernet. Two technologies create the IP camera: digitalization of the picture and broadcasting the digital data. 

On a daily basis we experience both technologies; the digitalization we see on our digital camera especially when we take short video and the broadcasting of digital data we see when we send those movies to our friend through the email.

Analog surveillance cameras exist many years and still dominate the market, but there is no doubt that the future is digital. When you see a surveillance camera, it's hard to tell if it'd an IP or an analog camera. The difference is in the hardware and more important the video quality.

The IP camera has an onboard processors and web server software. The IP camera can be connected directly to the existing home office networks. Images can be viewed from any web browser in the world and full configuration can be done from anywhere as well. There are many types of video recorders that can work with IP cameras or even with an analog and IP at the same time, this type called HYBRID DVR. Most common IP video recorder is a custom build PC or your existing PC, in general the amount of cameras and the size of the images will determined the recorder's characteristics.

So what we said so far about IP cameras: 
IP cameras has superior image quality, fully digital and they are the future. 

It's no secret that IP cameras are more expensive; however as aforesaid, IP cameras offer a lot more than a conventional security cameras. 

Who Needs IP Cameras ?

In my opinion, everyone who needs video monitoring or surveillance system, needs IP camera system. 
The reason is simple, the quality of analog cameras is limited. The best analog camera today has resolution equal to 0.5 Megapixels. It simply means that the field of view will be divided between those pixels, the more pixels you have the more clarity and information you get. It's very similar to the old cell-phones' cameras, the picture is very poor, right? So why spend so much money on a system that will not serve you as it should? 
Most of the time police can't use the videos provided by analog cameras due to their poor quality.

Who else needs IP camera? 
The most common applications are: license plate capturing, commercial buildings entrances, cashier monitoring, parking lot, most of broad view, detailed applications and more. 
Don't compromise on quality, this is a security system, it should meet your security requirements. 

Here are some examples for the IP camera's superiority:


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We carry several quality products, from Security cameras, Burglar alarm and smart home products, and access control.. READ MORE


We carry several quality products, from Security cameras, Burglar alarm and smart home products, and access control.. READ MORE

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