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Service Contract

The Service Contract is designed to give peace of mind to the equipment's owner with his security cameras system.

Video recorders are working 24/7 and the internal hardware can have failure at any given time.

Hard drives are going bad without any signs and require supervision.

The time sometimes getting off and will provide inaccurate time stamps.

Spiders love cameras and many times will built their net that will affect night image quality, and there will be weather deposits on the camera housing too.

On top of all that there are other issues relating to wiring and electronics.


A non-contract customer pays usually $185-250 per service call of less than an hour.

A service contract costs a minimum of $36/month for no more than 4 cameras and $6/month for any additional cameras.


*Special rates for special cases will be applied.*

The service contract includes the flowing free of charge:

  1. unlimited unscheduled service calls to troubleshoot issues with the system.

  2. Four Scheduled visits at the beginning of each quarter to clean the cameras and check the video recorder parameters (time, hard drive, and failed equipment).

  3. Unscheduled short training (no longer than 15 minutes) when we are on-site to do other services.

  4. Remote telephone support.

  5. Free DDNS services to help with Dynamic IP setup.


The service contract excludes the flowing free of charge:

  1. Major repair outside the warranty period such as:

    • Running new line.

    • Installing new equipment.

  2. Furnishing new equipment.

  3. Scheduled training sessions other than the first one given on the day of the installation or the short ones given with the other visits.

  4. Cleaning cameras other than the 4 scheduled sessions.

  5. Special lift equipment for very tall cameras.

  6. Firmware updates.

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