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Security Camera

"Zurtech has done two CCTV installs for me, one in a commercial office building and another for a residence. Nathan is great. He was on time and did a very neat job placing the cameras and running the wiring and conduit. Everything was to code. The cameras work perfectly. He set me up with a free app to view the cameras remotely and showed me how to burn DVDs of footage. His prices are reasonable for what you get -- he knows what type of cameras to use, where to place them, and does all the work in a professional manner. I looked into getting a video surveillance system from Costco or online and doing it myself, but I'm glad I went with a professional. I had a question after the install, and he came out to show me how to use the system (again) free of charge. I recommend him highly. A nice, honest guy" 

Christopher M (Yelp)

Woodland Hills

"Zurtech CCTV installed our home surveillance system and did a stellar job. Nathan was professional, knowledgable, punctual and very patient with explaining our system once it was installed. He followed through with everything he said he was going to do and even called a week after our system was installed to ensure that we were satisfied and understood how to use it. We highly recommend hiring Zurtech CCTV. In a time when customer service is basically non-existent, it was very refreshing to work with this company" 

Nancy Krimendahl (Google)

Los Angeles

"My neighbor up the street recommended Zurtech. I had five cameras installed. Nathan and his crew were top notch. They had to drill many holes in my walls to pull wires, but when they were finished, the holes were undetectable. Nathan has come back to help us understand the system, always in a timely fashion. He also did some minor work after the installation at no charge. I highly recommend Zurtech. They use quality equipment" 

Jay Garacochea (Google)

Santa Monica

"ZURTECH was the only solution to keep our business secure. Other companies seemed unreliable and unfriendly. Zurtech was there for us every step of the way and provided quality work you can't find anywhere else". 

Marcy J


"Nobody could figure out the issues we were having with our security cameras. When we called ZURTECH their friendly technicians promised they'd be able to fix the issue. They were at our door and had everything up and running in the blink of an eye. Thank you Zurtech!" 

Tracy G.

Redondo Beach

"ZURTECH is the real deal. I'm always cautious of doing business with a new company, however Zurtech rose to the occasion. They're truly professional and produce quality work. I'd trust the security of my business to Zurtech any day". 

Marc G.

Agoura Hills

"Two other technicians from separate companies could not figure out the problem with our system. In a matter of minutes, your company was able to find a solution. This goes to show that quality work is something you can't take for granted. Thank you Zurtech!" 

Kevin B.

Santa Monica

"When you run a business as large as ours, it's important to know that your security monitoring is top of the line. I trust my companies future to Zurtech because I know they stand by their service. Zurtech is truly professional and their work is unparalleled". 

Doug L.


"We just wanted to thank you for helping us along. Installing a new system was a big step for us, and you guys had all of the answers. We really appreciated your friendly and professional attitude". 

Nicole and James L.

San Pedro

"I feel safe knowing that my house is monitored by a system setup by a Zurtech technician. Not only was their staff friendly, but they went the extra mile and explained everything to me. Zurtech is the kind of company that cares about their customers and puts the money second. I'd recommend Zurtech to anyone interested in installing security cameras for their home". 

Diane L.

Ranchos Palos Verdes

"We will never use another LOW VOLTAGE contractor for future low voltage projects. ZURTECH . operated with the utmost professionalism and understood our need to perform a job that would reflect our company in a good light". 

Michael N.

Los Angeles

"We were not easy customers. In fact, we were downright demanding. But ZURTECH stuck with us through the entire remodeling process and always delivered as promised. We are thankful for the competent professionals at ZURTECH INC!" 

Eric and Alla F.


"Thanks you ZURTECH ! You not only furnished our home to meet our specific needs, but you went the extra distance and add creative features that make every use of our systems experience. We are deeply grateful to you and the remarkable people at ZURTECH INC". 

Yaniv G.


"There was no such a that i cant he hassles and figures out the problem and couplets the job and pricing is great he did an awesome job fixing the power of our cameras which was made 15 years ago and getting the DVR system to work and showing me everything how to use it and what was the problems with the power. he knows what he is doing i was very impress." 

Levi S.


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